I represent a team of professional iOS developers. I call every my project "my child". First of all I make my projects interesting and useful. Besides, I always look at my projects with the user's eyes. For 5 years of intensive work with iOS I have learnt to understand the laws of creation, promotion and further development of the applications and the companies which create them.

If we begin to list the required elements of a successful application, our list will necessarily comprise the advanced graphics, high-quality animation, thought-out interface, appropriate audio feedback and competent advertising campaign. But even after implementation of all these things you do not acquire 100% guarantee to get into the top of AppStore. There are plenty of subtle nuances and subtleties which are understood and felt by the specialists, whose hands and minds had the dozens of applications with different stories and budgets. Namely, the intuition multiplied by the experience distinguishes a usual professional developer from a professional creator of applications for iOS like me.

I am confident that my skills and knowledge will be useful for you:
- applications development (from programming to design and musical accompaniment);
- developers team selection;
- promotion of applications at AppStore;
- PM services;

Along with the fact that I help others to implement their ideas, I have my iOS projects.
I am interested in the active mutual cooperation with investors.

I am always pleased to meet and communicate with like-minded and just talented people!
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